A Day in the Life of a Triathlete

The Triathlete

Want to know what it’s like to be a triathlete? I’ve never thought of triathlon racing as a sport. I always saw it as more of a lifestyle. This is […]

The Top 10 Most Extreme Foods


Whether it be sports of food, the word extreme means something a little different to everyone. When we’re talking about the most extreme food, it’s a tough call to make. […]

Paragliding in Mozambique and Cape Verde

The Dune Discovery

Special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese, as part of The Best Odyssey Expedition, go paragliding off the coast of Mozambique. They paraglide in an area where no one else […]

Trad Climbing Festival in China

China Trad Festival

Rock climbers Cedar Wright and Matt Segal meet up with friends in China for China’s first ever Trad Climbing Festival.

HD Footage of Water Hoverboard

water hoverboard

In this high-def video from extreme YouTuber Devin Supertramp and his adrenaline-fueled group of friends, see what riding an aquatic hoverboard is all about. You can pick one up from […]

Kiteboarding in Cape Town with Youri Zoon

FORWARD - Chapter 2

In the second chapter of FORWARD, professional kiteboarder Youri Zoon shows Cape Town’s youth how fun kiteboarding can be.

8 Best 2014 World Cup Commercials

best world cup commercials

Every four years, the world pauses to watch the FIFA World Cup, a¬†nationalism-infused display of the world’s best soccer (football) players. Just two days into the tournament, and we’ve ¬†already […]

Eelis Heimonen, 9-Year Old Skier

Eelis Heimonen

Watch Eelis Heimonen, a 9-year old skier form Finland, show us how the kids are skiing these days. Hot damn.

GoPro (Fake?) Cliff-Jumping Great White Shark Video

gopro fake cliff jumping video great white shark

This cliff jumping footage in Sydney, Australia’s Manly Harbour was posted just a couple of days ago and has already garnered over three million views on YouTube. I want to […]

Drift Tricycling in Latvia

Drift Trike Cesis TM

Looks like a fun, but painful sport. Anyone still have a tricycle laying around? Let’s head to Latvia and give this a try, eh?