Makuakia Rothman: Thoughts From A Champion Surfer


“We take our sport seriously and we want to be at that elite level. We’re not beach bums. We train. We want to win.” What a powerful quote from Makuakia […]

Help Rebuild This New Paltz Climbing Coop


Source: New Paltz Times Donate Here When a fire in the early morning hours of Saturday, February 7 destroyed the building at 91 North Chestnut Street in New Paltz, it […]

Behind The Scenes: Backcountry Snowboarding With Some Of The Best


Backed by Mountain Dew, Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, and Jack Mitrani set off in search of some great Utah backcountry powder, intending to document their experiences in Virtual Reality. This […]

Sebastien Toutant: Real Snow


Sebastien Toutant, two-time gold medal winner at the X Games, submitted this incredible video to the 2015 Real Snow snowboarding video contest. It’s going to be difficult for anyone else […]

17 Incredible Scuba Diving Locations


One of the best things about scuba diving is that there are countless incredible dive locations all over the world. We’ve done the research and found our favorite 17 scuba […]

Rick Koekoek’s Incredible Climb Up ‘The Stairway To Heaven’


Rick Koekoek is one of the best MTB athletes in the world, so it’s not exactly surprising when he pulls off something as incredible as what you’re about to see […]

Winter Wakeskating In Bosnia


Wakeskating legend Brian Grubb recently made the long trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to wakeskate in the area’s harsh winter conditions. He headed for Studeni Potok, also known as Icy […]

Tough Mudder Gears Up For An Epic 2015


Because 2014 was such a huge year for Tough Mudder, we could only assume that the company would have some seriously epic events and new features planned for 2015. Well, […]

Valery Rozov BASE Jumps From Mount Kilimanjaro


Legendary BASE jumper Valery Rozov recently completed his most recent wingsuit flight, and it may be the greatest one of his career. Rozov climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro and picked a […]

One World Endeavors And The First January Ascent Of Denali


In early 2014, Lonnie Dupre became the first person to summit Denali in January, an achievement that made headlines all over the world. During the solo ascent, Dupre encountered 100+ […]