5 Apps No Adventurer Should Be Without

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In August, I loaded up my car with climbing gear, hiking boots, my new tent, my old, beat-up sleeping bag, my recently shaved dog and everything in between. We spent […]

DIY Downhill Off Road Skates

diy downhill skate

This is a guest post from Jyles who, in his spare time, built his own off road skates. Take it away Jyles. Have you ever wanted to try a new […]

Jeb Corliss, L’Impossible

Jeb Corliss, L'Impossible

“If you think something can’t be done. There you go…it can’t be done.” Jeb Corliss claims that he’s not superhuman, that he’s like everybody else. I’m not so sure I […]

Flatland BMX in Melbourne, Australia

Vimeo Flatland BMX in Melbourne, Australia

Filmed at historic Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia, this clip features the sport of flatland BMX. Another one from INFINITYLIST Productions.

Skeleton, a Head First View

Youtube Skeleton, a Head First View

Skeleton riders launch down ice tubes at speeds of more than 80 mph/130 kph…head first. This is what a skeleton run looks like from the rider’s point of view. Wow.

Dean Potter’s Ultimate BASE Jump

Youtube Dean Potter's Ultimate BASE Jump

Dean Potter, adrenaline guru, leaps off the North Face of the Eiger in a wingsuit. No big deal.

6-Stair Backflip, on a Skateboard

Youtube 6-Stair Backflip, on a Skateboard

Not the best quality clip, but certainly one of the best quality skateboarding tricks we’ve seen here over at Nerve Rush. Kudos to you, sir.

Mario Richard Dies in BASE Jump Accident

Mario Richard Video Screenshot

On Sunday August 18, Mario Richard, 47, was killed in a BASE jumping accident in the Dolomites of Italy. He left behind his wife, rock climber Steph Davis. The couple […]

The Racer’s Group Finale

Vimeo The Racer's Group Finale

[vimeo id=”31414660″ width=”600″ height=”350″] Le Mans, a 24-hour automobile race and one of the world’s oldest. Now, an American version. A “10 hours or 1,000 miles, whatever comes first” race. […]

BASE Jumping Tombstone in Moab, Utah

Youtube BASE Jumping Tombstone in Moab, Utah

BASE jumping, from an amateur’s point of view. Can you imagine, you’re out there on a biking trip and stumble upon a group of BASE jumpers?