Alastair “Ali C” Clarkson Mountain Bike Tricks

Alastair Clarkson Extreme Mountain Biking

Filmed over 3 weekends at a variety of locations around the northwest of England, this video documents Alastair “Ali C” Clarkson’s early experiments with brakeless trials riding on-board his Inspired […]

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon [Race Profile]

mark vermeersch norseman triathlon

This race profile comes from Mark Vermeersch, a triathlete for Team Timex and independent consultant who traveled to Norway to race the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, deemed the hardest Ironman-distance triathlon […]

Climbing and BASE Jumping with The Skyliners

base jumping with the skyliners

Just an average day with Sébastien Brugall and The Skyliners. A little climb, then a little flying. No big deal.

Chase Norton’s 228-Mile Solo Trek Across Death Valley


It’s ironic that, as a child, Chase Norton used to spend more time indoors, tinkering with his computer, than outside. These days, he prepares for adventures like a 228-mile solo […]

2012 Parkour and Freerunning Montage

best of parkour, freerunning and tricking 2012

I don’t know much about this clip, only that whoever spliced it togeter has good taste. Great montage of some of the best Parkour and freerunning athletes from around the […]

Matt Samet: Fighting Drugs with Rocks

matt samet rock climbing

Rock climber Matt Samet, 41, former editor-in-chief of Climbing Magazine, didn’t plan on becoming a writer too. During a break from studying geology at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the early […]

Alexander Polli, Wingsuit King

Alexander Polli Wingsuit Flying

We’ve posted many BASE jumping and wingsuit flying clips here at Nerve Rush HQ, so it’s not often we’re taken aback like this. Alexander Polli, in this beautifully edited montage, […]

Inside the Livestrong Foundation

extreme cycling lance armstrong

Let’s set aside the fact that Lance Armstrong has been asked to return $4 million in Tour de France prize money. It’s the “most sophisticated doping scheme in sports history,” […]

Risks and Rocks: The Mentality Behind Mountain Sports

alex honnold rock climbing fitness

Rock climber and former Climbing Magazine editor Matt Samet knows his sport is dangerous. Until last year, he was the only climber to have successfully scaled Primate, a 90-foot route on Seal Rock […]

Manu Romain, Urban Climber Extraordinaire

Manu Romain Urban Climbing

Filmed in Briançon, France, this clip from JB Productions Gravicity shows off Manu Romain’s smooth urban climbing skills. Makes me want to go climb a tree. I’ll be right back.