David Goggins Attempts 24 Hour Pull Up World Record

david goggins pull ups

We love David Goggins. The man is an absolute beast and may not be human (or at least a 2.0 version of most humans). Transforming himself from a 280lb overweight […]

Coloured Sky [Serious Parachute Control]

marvin ogger lino oehl coloured sky

Marvin Ogger & Lino Oehl dominate the 2011 Vice Acro World Cup. This is some serious parachute control. Beautiful film.

How to Hack a Boston Qualifying Marathon

Run Your BQ

The following is guest post by Jason Fitzgerald. Jason runs Strength Running, a website that helps runners crush their goals. Just this week, Jason launched Run Your BQ — I’ll let […]

JLAB GO 4GB Mp3 Player Review

JLAB Go Black

In our constant effort to bring you the best gut-wrenching videos and articles on the Internet superhighway, we’re always looking for ways to help you augment your adventures and create […]

Damiano Cunego Attacks the Tour de Suisse

damiano cunego tour de suisse

Just, hold on to your seats, everybody, because this could be a little bit nasty. Let’s just wish them all the very best, shall we. If you’ve ever wanted to […]

5 Gnarly Places To Go Scuba Diving

great blue hole belize scuba diving

Maybe you’ve jumped out of airplanes all over the globe, bungee-jumped the tallest bridges known to man or participated in some of the most insane adventure races. You’ve tapped into your […]

World’s Highest Swing is a 300 Meter Arc

nevis swing highest swing

Queenstown, New Zealand is one of the world’s most notable adventure capitals. In this clip featuring the Nevis Swing, you’ll see what it’s like to experience a  70 meter free […]

Tackling Adventure with Tim Moss

tim moss 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Moss is a beast. The Nerve Rush team has spent hundreds of hours culling together extreme videos, amazing athletes and adventurers, so when we came across […]

The Martial Arts “Tricking” Guide

Anthony Mychal exists at the crossroad between fitness and athleticism. As a professional, he’s a writer appearing on the likes of T-Nation, LIVESTRONG.com, STACK, and Greatist. As a dude, he’s a self-proclaimed […]

Winning the Warrior Dash Obstacle Race with Jason Fitzgerald

warrior dash obstacle race

Want to know what it feels like – and what it takes – to win an obstacle race? Nerve Rush interviewed Jason Fitzgerald, who recently beat out nearly 17,000 people […]