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The Tallest Bicycle I’ve Ever Seen

Not sure where this comes from, but my favorite part is when the rider goes under the bridge. This whole video is amazing, in a very stressful way.

Rough Rider Promo

Rough Riders: Exposing Doping in Cycling

Cyclist turned “cantankerous” sports journalist Paul Kimmage has spent the last 22 years of his life working to get rid of doping in the sport of cycling. In this film […]

extreme cycling lance armstrong

Inside the Livestrong Foundation

Let’s set aside the fact that Lance Armstrong has been asked to return $4 million in Tour de France prize money. It’s the “most sophisticated doping scheme in sports history,” […]

damiano cunego tour de suisse

Damiano Cunego Attacks the Tour de Suisse

Just, hold on to your seats, everybody, because this could be a little bit nasty. Let’s just wish them all the very best, shall we. If you’ve ever wanted to […]

Natalie Sisson - Tour D Afrique

Meet Natalie Sisson: Racing The Tour d’ Afrique

Here at Nerve Rush HQ, we are lucky to have such cool friends. Close amigo, Natalie Sisson, is going to be biking across Africa on the famed Tour d’ Afrique […]

Exterme Unicycling with Lutz Eichholz

Extreme Unicycling with Lutz Eichholz

Ever tried unicycling? If not, this quick little video from Lutz Eichholz will have you rushing to find the nearest hacksaw so you can saw your bike in half and […]