Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a bad ass.

Born August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California, Alexander J Honnold is an American big wall free solo climber. He’s known for his incredibly fast speed records and quirky personality. He’s most known for the only known solo of the Yosemite Triple crown,

He began climbing at 11 years old and dropped out of UC Berkley at 18 years old to climb full time.

His love of climbing lets him live out of his van and spend less than $1,000/month in order to follow the weather and climb full time.

Interviews & Links To Alex Honnold

The following are text interviews and articles about the one and only Alex Honnold.

  1. – Alex Honnold’s personal profile.
  2. – Honnold on climbing Yosemite’s 3 biggest rock faces in 19 hours.
  3. – Honnold talking about climbing the Nose of El Capitan and setting a new speed record.
  4. – A CNN coverage of Alex Honnold’s life as a climber.
  5. – Q&A with Alex Honnold.
  6. – Honnold talking about climbing walls.
  7. – Honnold on scaling iconic rock walls without any rope.
  8. – Detailed account on Honnold’s free climb at Mt. Watkins, El Cap & Half Dome.
  9. – A behind the scenes report of Honnold’s ascent on Mt. Watkins, El Cap & Half Dome.
  10. – Alex Honnold talking about his exploits.
  11. – Honnold encountering problems during a climb.

Interviews & Climbing Videos of Alex Honnold

Here, we’ve curated a select number of interviews and climbing videos of Alex Honnold doing what he does best. Climbing the hell out of rocks and being a certified bad ass.

  1. – A video showing Alex Honnold climbing 2000 ft in 2 hours and 50 minutes.
  2. – This is a video of Honnold climbing Mt. Kinabalu.
  3. – Alex Honnold featured in 60 Minutes where in his mountain climbing exploits were tackled.
  4. – Honnold crack climbing in Indian Creek, Utah.
  5. – Alex Honnold free climbing with an Australian couple.
  6. Alex Honnold talks about his record-breaking solo of Yosemite Triple
  7. – A collection of videos from Honnold where he was  climbing without a rope.
  8. – Alex Honnold sharing his philosophies on climbing, life, and caloric intake.

Nerve Rush loves Alex Honnold

Seriously, we’re massive fans. Check out our earlier feature on Alex’s incredibly rock climbing capabilities.

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