Best Mountain Biking Trails Near Seattle

With its endless forests and beautiful mountain ranges, Washington State is the premier place to be an outdoors enthusiast. Mountain biking is no exception to this rule. There are plenty of great trails out there—in fact, there are thousands of good trails in the forests and cascades. Here are some trails that the locals tend to frequent most often.

1. The I-5 Colonnade

Certainly unique, and quite possibly the only park of its caliber on the west coast, the I-5 Colonnade is Seattle’s urban mountain biking park. This paradise under the freeway is great for all levels experience. It classifies the runs using the green, blue, black system that is familiar to any snowboarder/skier. This man-made park is actually located underneath the I-5, so it is rideable in all weather (although it is not lit at night time.) It offeres typically every trail/obstacle type you can think of. This is definitely a park for any avid mountain biker to check out!

best mountain biking near seattle at 1-5 colonnade

2. Duthie Hill 

Located on the Issaquah Plateau, the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park features a 120 acre forest complete with rolling terrain and well draining soils. Additionally, nestled in the middle of the park is a 2.5 acre clearing. Duthie Hill offers progressive jump lines mixed with 1-2 miles of technical and fluid, freeride trails-great for those looking to build their skill-base.

duthie hill bike trail near seattle

3. Devils Gulch

A local favorite, Devil’s Gulch is an adequately challenging ride that is great for riders who love a good climb and a fast singletrack. Located in the foothills of the cascades, the scenery is unsurpassed. It starts off with a climb through the woods and then cuts downhill through a meandering creek and a breathtaking ridge.

4. Rattlesnake Lake

In addition to having one of the coolest names ever, Rattlesnake Lake is a Seattle-ite favorite because of its easy access, scenic views and non technical riding. This route is great for an easy afternoon ride. The trail is spotted with daisies and dandelions and takes riders by several waterfalls and creeks in addition to Rattlesnake Lake.

rattlesnake lake near seattle

5. Saint Edwards State Park/Big Finn Hill

These two areas provide riders with 372 acres of twists turns, downhills, uphills, bumps, logs, and mud. There is a total of about 10 miles of trail, but you can mix and match as you go so that no two rides have to be the same. Rides range in difficulty from beginner to more advanced.

6. Iron Horse State Park: Snoqualmie Tunnel

A ride that sends you right through the side of a mountain. That’s right, through. Not over or under or around. This 2.3-mile tunnel is the closest thing you can get to a night ride during the day and provides an experience that you are not likely to replicate. The tunnel itself is a steady paced gravel road so it’s perfect for beginners. Additionally, on either side after the tunnel, there is more riding for all levels.

7. Grand Ridge

With its long gentle downhills, Grand Ridge is an easy, scenic ride for most. It is almost completely singletrack and runs through forest most of the way. It’s a great place to practice climbing hills and, if you’re looking for longer rides, you can link up to the other trails nearby.

bet mountain biking at grand ridge trail near seattle

8. Larch Mountain Loop

This track starts off with a formidable climb through forest at the beginning and is followed by a rolling single track at the top. The loop is about a 20 mile trip and is for moderate to advanced riders. There are lots of trails in and around the loop, so a map is suggested.

larch loop mountain biking trail near seattle

9. Wallace Falls Loop

Wallace Falls is a great trip for riders of all levels. The climb to Wallace Lake is along a gradual logging road, so beginners will enjoy the challenge up and the ride back down. Advanced riders can continue across the Wallace River and on to the downhill portion. Although they are mostly downhill riding, the trails are still technically difficult and continue to get more difficult until you hit the pavement when you are nearing the trailhead.

mountain biking at wallace falls neat seattle

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