David Goggins

Vital Information

  • Born: 1975
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Occupation: Navy SEAL, former Tactical Air Control Party member
  • Hobbies: ultra marathon running, doing an insane amount of pull ups
  • Official Website: DavidGoggins.com
  • Social Media: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

David Goggins might just be the fittest man on Earth.


Born in 1975, this beast of a man started running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project after seeing several friends die in action. In just two months, he lost 100 pounds to become a Navy SEAL.

He picked the most challenging race he could think of and started racing.

At 280 lbs and no endurance experience, he just went after it.

David Goggins Before & After

While recognizing his own arrogance, he also admits that he doesn’t even enjoy the runs:

It’s a gesture from me, letting the families know their husbands or daughters did not die in vain.

What’s funny is that people do not believe me. I try to tell them the only reason I do it is to raise money for the foundation.

People respond to pain. If I go out and wash cars for $10, who gives a damn? People want to see you throw up, cry and go through tremendous suffering.

The more you learn about David Goggins, the more you can’t help but be amazed at his absolute endurance and unflinching desire to simply keep going. He also is working on setting the world record for most consecutive pull ups.

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Major Races & Accomplishments
2008 – Kona Ironman World Championship – 11:24:01
2008 – MiWok 100k Race – 9:55:19
2007 – Leadville 100 – 22:15:36
2007 – Badwater Ultra – 25:49:40
2006 – Ultraman World Championship – 41:23:00
2006 – Badwater Ultra Marathon – 30:18:54
2006 – San Diego 100 Mi – 21:21:00

24 Hour World Record Pull up Attempt
In 2012, David twice attempted to complete the 24 hour world record for pull ups by surpassing 4020. He failed twice.

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  1. Jeremy Kane says:

    I was wondering if David goggens would ever to help me get in shape for joining the navy seals please contact me 518-673-5151. My names Jeremy Kane

  2. SK1 Calvin Butler says:

    David I hope all is well hit me with an email when you have time.


  3. Kathy says:

    I have a son who served five years in the Marines he has been out for about 4 years.. He got tattoos and now the Marines will not take him back.. He is going to the Navy recruiter this week..all of his tattoos are unit related when he was in the marines.. I was hoping to get some help into him getting into the Navy..

    thank you

  4. Denise Freeman says:

    We saw David Goggins at the Patriot Tour last weekend in Boise ID. He is an AMAZING speaker. If you ever have the chance to see and hear him you definitely should. Please write a book if you haven’t David or make a video of your life story. We’re hoping the Patriot Tour comes to Washington -we DEFINITELY will be going again.

  5. Pat says:

    i saw him and other heroes lat night in Kansas City. What an inspiring guy! Thank you Patriot Tour – I love all of you.

  6. Matthew Harder says:

    Mr. Goggins,

    I work for a professional hockey team in Manchester, NH, the Manchester Monarchs of the ECHL. I am the Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. This is my first year with this team and organization. I previously was attending the University of North Dakota and worked with the men’s hockey team on and off. I heard about your visit to the team and how much the guys enjoyed it and received a positive message from it. I would like to see what it would take for you to come speak to our team in Manchester as well. Any information you or your staff could provide regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I have included my email which would be the best way to contact me. I am looking forward to your response.

  7. Lynn Deason says:

    Hi David,
    My name is Lynn Deason. I saw you and Jesse Itzler on CBS This Morning a few days ago. What an awesome story!
    I live in Tyrone, GA. I’m currently a computer programmer for Delta Air Lines… and aspiring entrepreneur!
    My husband and I have the opportunity to be involved in a brand new company – ground floor Opportunity.
    Would you have 10 minutes to speak with me on the phone so I can share with you ? It might not be anything you are interested in. On the other hand, it could be another opportunity to change your life and the lives of others. Either way I would love to get your opinion.
    We have several current and past professional athletes involved in this company along with several well known personal trainers: Jen Widerstrom, Mark Harari, and Larry North to name a few.
    What is the best way to contact you ?
    Looking forward to speaking with you!
    Lynn Deason

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