Endurance Races

Here at Nerve Rush HQ, we’re fans of anything you have to be a little bit crazy to attempt. Endurance racing takes this to an extreme – with day long, week-long, month-long and even multi-month-long endurance adventures, you have to be a little nuts to decide to compete in an endurance race. Even so, endurance races are deceptively simple. There’s one rule: never, ever, ever quit. Just keep going – no matter what.

Endurance Races

If you want to push your limits in the world of endurance racing, whether it’s running, cycling or multisport, we’ve got you covered. We’ve cataloged the gamut of endurance races throughout the world all in one place. All you have to do is be crazy enough to get out there and do them. Are you up for the challenge?

List of Endurance Races

We try to be as thorough as possible with this list of endurance races, so we’re constantly building it out, but we know it’s an ongong process. If you have a killer endurance race you think we should include or are doing an incredible endurance race we should know about – email us at hq@nerverush.com

Badwater Ultramarathon
Race Across America

The Race Across America (commonly called RAAM) is a 7-8 day blistering race from coast to coast of the United States and is the most intense endurance cycling race on the planet..  We’ve covered this more in depth through our Race Across America race profile and our interview with RAAM finisher Geoff Brunner.

The Norseman
Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race
The Hardrock 100
Primal Quest
Crocodile Trophy
Patrouille des Glaciers
Tevis Cup Ride
Texas Water Safari
Jungle Marathon
Yukon Arctic Ultra
Inca Trail Marathon
Everest Challenge
Arctic Circle Ski Race

Tour d’Afrique

The Tour d’ Afrique is a massive 12,000km cycling race across Africa, north to south.The 8 legs of the race take 94 days. Read more about the Tour d’ Afrique in our race profile and read our interview w/ Natalie Sisson who’s competing in the race herself.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores

La Ruta de los Conquistadores is a 4 day, 240 mile race across from coast to coast in the central American country of Costa Rica. Learn more about this gut-wrenching endurance mountain bike race in our La Ruta de los Conquistadores race profile.

The Barkley Marathons

The Tour Divide

The Tour Divide is a month long adventure cycling race from  Banff, Canada to a small, dusty crossing on the Mexican border crossing the Rocky Mountain range. Mike Dion attempted the race back in 2010 and filmed it as well in his film Ride The Divide. You can watch our interview with Mike here.

24 Hours of Le Mans
Tour de France
Dakar Motor Rally
Cannonball Run
4 Deserts
Tevis Cup
Marathon des Sables
Vendée Globe
Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc
Antarctic Ice Marathon
North Pole Marathon
Antarctic 100k ultra Race
Namibian 24-Hour Ultra Marathon
Ironman Triathlon
Viking RAID in Norway
Arrowhead 135-Mile Winter Ultra Marathon
Adidas TERREX Adventure Race
Corsica Raid Adventure
Montenegro 48-Hour Expedition
Coosa Rive Adventure Challenge
Mission on the Muscatatuck
No Skirts Allowed Adventure Race
Patagonian Expedition Race
Race the Rockies Adventure Challenge
Raid The Rock Urban Adventure Race
Sabah Adventure Challenge
Gap-to-Gap Relay
Gold Rush 24-Hour Adventure Challenge
Indianapolis Adventure Race
Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge (KiliMAN)
Kalmar Adventure Race
Lewis and Clark Urban Adventure Race

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