Fallen Warrior Challenge

Date: TBD

Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)

Course Description: Runners will begin by running through the Redcoat Run, an obstacle of spring-loaded tackling dummies dressed as the hated Redcoats from 1776. After defeating the Redcoats participants will enter the trenches of World War I and navigate the muddy troughs landing on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day for World War II. Once through the sandy beach and obstacles of tires, runners will enter the icy terrain of Korea. After emerging from the ice, contestants will find themselves entering the rice patties and jungles of Vietnam. After conquering the jungles loaded with Viet Cong, runners will emerge in the desert of the Gulf where they will be forced to navigate the sand dunes to free Kuwait. From the sands of Kuwait they will find themselves further in the gulf region overcoming the urban terrain of Baghdad in the Iraq War. Athletes will finish the course by climbing the Hindu Kush Mountain, a steep muddy mountain, and then slide to the finish line on the back side.

Contact: jmain@friendsneverforget.org

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