Fustercluck 5k

Date: TBD

Distance: 5k

Course Description:  Experience the most disturbing, All-American 5k obstacle race in history. Once you survive Hillbilly Kidnappings and tons of crazy obstacles, you will cross the finish line and enter our outrageous Redneck Games arena where you can play games like Hubcap Hurling, Shoot the Hipster, Mud Pit Tug of War, Masterbaiting (fencing with fishing rods!), Dumpster Diving, Redneck Chicken Coop Fighting, Mud Wrestling, Slip n’ Slides, Mud Belly Flop Competitions, Redneck Horseshoes (with toilet seats!), Slutty Cowgirl Contest, Mullet Of The Century Competition and many more insane games and contests that will leave you wondering…WHERE THE CLUCK AM I ?!

Contact: info@fustercluckusa.com

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