The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Go Pro Camera

Go Pro – The World’s Most Versatile Camera

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To The Go Pro Camera

Go Pro is the world’s most versatile camera. No matter what sort of gut-wrenching adventure you’re about to take off on, Go Pro cameras can help you capture the action. Whether you need one to mount on your helmet, take out in the surf, or just want some killer footage – no matter what your activity is, the Go Pro camera is THE camera to help you relive the awesomeness of the experience over and over and over again.

There’s only one problem. With GoPro’s popularity exploding and their extreme versatility, there’s no good way to tell which GoPro is right for you.

Never fear, through hours and hour of tedious research and strenuous in-the-field-testing (it was rough, let me tell you), we’ve put together the ultimate buyer’s guide to the gopro camera, so you never have to guess what camera is right for you.

But let’s get to it and see theses cameras already!

The types of GoPro Cameras and GoPro accessories available are as follows [click “read more” for more details on each model]

GoPro HD HERO 2 Cameras ($299.99)

HD HERO 2 Outdoor Edition (for the general outdoor adventure enthusiast) [read more]

HD HERO 2 Motorsports Edition (for motorsports and biking enthusiasts) [read more]

HD HERO 2 Surf Edition (for surf and water enthusiasts) [read more]

GoPro HD HERO Original Cameras (available in limited quantities)

HD Helmet HERO $239.99 (take the GoPro on the go and strap it on your helmet) [read more]

HD Motorsports HERO $239.99 (the classic original GoPro for the motorsports enthusiast) [read more]

HD Surf HERO $229.99 (the classic original GoPro for the surf enthusiast) [read more]

HD HERO Naked $199.99 (just the basics to get you started)    [read more]

HD HERO 960 $149.99 (the original GoPro featuring 960p recording capabilities) [read more]

GoPro Premium Accessories

LCD BacPac™

Battery BacPac™

Wi-Fi BacPac™ + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit

3D HERO System

Dive Housing

GoPro Mounting Accessories

Handlebar Seatpost Mount

Roll Bar Mount

Chest Mount Harness

Suction Cup Mount

Surfboard Mounts

Helmet Front Mount

Vented Helmet Strap Mount

Head Strap Mount

NVG Mount

Tripod Mount

HD HERO Wrist Housing

Curved Adhesive Mounts

Flat Adhesive Mounts

Grab Bag of Mounts

GO PRO Other Accessories

$39.99 Wall Charger

Auto Charger

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

16GB SD Memory Card (Class 10)

32GB SD Memory Card (Class 10)

Replacement HD Housing

HD Skeleton Housing

Lens Replacement Kit

Floaty Backdoor

Anti-Fog Inserts

3D Glasses

Composite Cable

HDMI Cable

The Camera Lineup

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