How to Breakdance

This breakdancing guide was created by Alden Tan, a rock star lifestyle blogger who can throw down a mean windmill and top-rock up a storm on the dance floor.

Learn How to Be a Bboy

Usually this is how it is: You are walking along the streets and you come across some buskers. These buskers are breakdancing. They are pulling off some crazy dynamic movements and stunts. And you’re thinking, “How the hell do they spin on their heads like that?!” It seems so impossible! Then you think about how you probably aren’t fit enough to do any of that. You may also be too old. Can anyone who is new and willing to learn actually become a Bboy?

The answer is yes.

There is actually more to becoming a Bboy than spinning on your head. It isn’t as hard as it seems despite what you see of us on stage. That’s why this guide is called How to be a Bboy and NOT How to spin on your head and carry out some amazing sh*t!

Breakdancing Basics

Here is a brief rundown of breakdancing’s more basic moves — note that in different circles and cultures, the names of these moves may vary.


Generally referred to as the dancing segment of Bboying, Toprock is where you introduce yourself on the floor. It is done from a standing position and serves as an opening of your style, right before you “throw down” and get on the floor with your other sets of moves. Toprock is where you express yourself fully to the music. Here are a few tutorial videos to help you get started.

Toprock Basics:

The Indian Step:

Salsa Rock Tutorial:

Other Toprock Variations:


Footwork, also known as floorwork, describes movement where the Bboy goes down the floor and is supported by only his or her hands and feet. Footwork serves as a foundation to more complicated and dynamic moves.

Basic Footwork:

6-step [working the ground on all fours, with 6 steps]

3-step [like the 6-step, but a bit smoother]

2-step [moves so fast that it can’t be spotted by the untrained eye]


Freezes describe when a Bboy poses and stops in a stylish position. Freezes serve to accentuate a point in their throwdown while emphasizing a strong beat of the music.

Baby Freeze:

Chair freeze:

Breakdancing Power Moves

Power Moves are the crazy, dynamic moves that most people think of. Unless you have a highly conditioned body, Power Moves take a real investment of your time and require a lot of practice. Some people take YEARS just to master a single move.

The Turtle:

The Swipe:

The Windmill:

Breakdancing Tips & Growing as a Bboy

One doesn’t become a Bboy overnight. It takes years of hard practice, experience and conditioning. Here are a few tips to help facilitate your journey.

Find a Practice Spot

Every city has a breakdancing community. Find local breakdancing spots and get to know local Bboys. Make friends. Learn from each other. Dive in. Browse these forums to see what kind of communities are out there:

Uh, Practice a Lot

Practice deliberately and do not give up. Start with the basics, and use them to condition your body. Work your way to harder, more difficult moves and combinations. Practice in front of a mirror. Get other Bboys to watch. Better yet, find someone to video record you executing particular moves. Target your mistakes.

Embrace Originality

When it comes to breakdancing, originality is what you should ultimately strive for. Every Bboy you see on stage can rock the basics, but do they look the same? No way. They all exhibit their own style and dance presence. When you breakdance, inject your own personality into these moves, even if they are the most basic.

Examples of Elite Breakdancers

Bboy Cico [focuses on power moves]

Bboy Dyzee [specializes in fast and clean footwork]

Bboy Spee-dy [executes a variety of advanced moves really well]


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