RhinO Course

Date: TBD


Distance: 3+ miles

Course Description: The RhinO Course is a world class obstacle course for civilians fashioned after the US Military training courses. However, while most obstacle courses feature 10-20 obstacles, the RhinO Course has up to ten times that amount over the span of 4 miles. Climbing through log-jungles, crawling through tunnel mazes, hoisting yourself up through platform holes, swinging across ropes, and maneuvering obstacles…running the RhinO Course Race is a gut-wrenching, action packed adventure guaranteed to keep your ADD at bay.

The RhinO Course is the only obstacle course race with 100 obstacles and additional extreme obstacles for the elite racers. The mud and water pits are positioned under obstacles and are there to catch your fall or cool you off but are not required.

Contact: julie@bootcamplasvegas.com

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