The Russian River Mud Run

Date: TBD


Distance: 5k or 10k

Course Description: This is the full course for the 5k and the start of the 10k course. Runner will experience road, gravel, dirt, riverbed, forest and orchard terrain.  Mud-pits, roped terrain, “”The Beaches of Normandy””, river crossings, “”Sherwood Forrest”” and a flooded orchard are a few of the obstacles runners will encounter. This course finishes on the campus named “Killer Hill” which will be one of the most difficult challenges of the course.

Once these runners finish the 5k course they continue onto the last half of the 10k course. Runners will quickly transition through the “”Big Apple”” obstacle and into the riverbed portion of the course. Obstacles on this part of the course include mud-pits, “”Log Jams”” and river crossings. Runners will spend much of their time on the riverbed, orchard and forrest sections of the course. Obstacles here include downed trees, steep slopes, mud pits, log carries, roped courses and “”Pits of Despair””. 10k finishers complete the course by once again traversing “Killer Hill”.

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