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Thundercloud: Historic Surfing in Cloudbreak, Fiji

On June 8th, 2012, a massive storm sent a 50+ swell straight toward the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji. It just so happens that there was an ASP World Tour […]

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“Brett” Music Video with Big Wave Surfer Jeff Rowley

Big wave footage from a recent session with Jeff Rowley toying with Hawaii’s “Jaws” reef break. I think the video compliments the song well, no? Song is The Soundmen – […]

Jeff Rowley

Big Wave Surfing with Jeff Rowley

Jeff Rowley puts his head underwater and does what needs to get done. From torpedoing down 50+ foot sea-claws to extreme lung capacity training, Rowley, a professional big-wave surfer, rides […]

GoPro HD HERO Jamie Sterling Big Wave World Champion 2011

GoPro HD HERO: Jamie Sterling Big Wave 2011 Champion

Shot with a GoPro HD HERO camera, this clip highlights Jamie Sterling’s insane surfing skills. Filmed in Mexico, Michigan, China, Peru, Chile, Hawaii and Fiji, these sessions culminated in Jamie’s […]