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Daring Freerunners On An Illegal Bridge In Ukraine

Notorious freerunners James Kingston and Mustang Wanted take to the Moscow Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine to seriously push their limits, though they actually make these incredible stunts look quite easy. […]

Parkour on a Cruise Ship

Ha! “The following stunts have been created solely for your entertainment and are produced by trained professionals with safety equipment, so they shouldn’t be recreated.” Who are you trying to […]

best of parkour, freerunning and tricking 2012

2012 Parkour and Freerunning Montage

I don’t know much about this clip, only that whoever spliced it togeter has good taste. Great montage of some of the best Parkour and freerunning athletes from around the […]

Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini Freerunning

Red Bull Art of Motion | Santorini Freerunning

On the Greek isle of Santorini, Red Bull hosts an Art of Motion parkour / freerunning event. The world’s best urban acrobats showcase their skills in the beautiful cliffside and […]

Tempest Freerunning Academy

Tempest Freerunning Academy Shows You How Parkour is Done

This 3 minute long (almost) continuously shot parkour video of the Tempest Freerunning Academy almost makes you want to pack your bags and head to LA. Of course, you’d have […]