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Rush Sturges Kayak Waterfall

Rush Sturges Kayaks Over 70 Ft. Outlet Falls

Check out this actually insane GoPro footage of Rush Sturges taking an icy drop down the 70 ft. Outlet Falls in Washington.

Downriver Freestyle Kayaking with Taylor Robinson

From the Rider of the Year Awards, watch US. kayaker Taylor Robinson perform some epic downriver freestyle kayaking at Loggins in Yellow Creek, California.

Kayaking with Steve Fisher in Minnesota

Steve Fisher and local kayakers Andy McMurray and John McConville hang out at Lake Superior in northern Minnesota.

Kayaking Switzerland’s Rheinfall at Night

Kayaker Ron Fischer has a little nighttime fun in Switzerland, kayaking Rheinfall. Looks pretty gnarly with the glow-in-the-dark fluorescents and whitewater.

The World’s First 3D Printed Kayak

It only took 42 days and $500 to construct the world’s first 3d printed kayak. The kayak is watertight and floats, fabricated with 28 separate sections that are joined together […]