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Tommy Caldwell Climbs the Dawn Wall

At the age of three, Tommy Caldwell’s father introduced him to rock climbing. Considered one of the world’s best rock climbers, Caldwell was climbing routes at age 13 that his […]

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La Dura Dura: The Most Difficult Rock Climb in the World

Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra spent two years working together to climb the world’s hardest route, La Dura Dura (5.15c / 9b+). It’s located in Oliana, Spain and is unlike […]

Daniel Woods’ Second Lucid Dreaming Ascent

Daniel Woods completed the second ascent of Lucid Dreaming (V15), after dark on Tuesday, January 28. The problem is set on Grandpa Peabody Boulder in the Buttermilks of Bishop, California. […]

The History of Yosemite’s Camp 4

Camp 4, in Yosemite National Park, sees the sunrise last, leaving it a few degrees below chilly on any given fall day. Every morning, campers rise, many before dawn. They […]

Peter Ortner Free Solo of “Furz Wurz”

In July 2012, Peter Ortner climbed the “Furz Wurz” free solo. This video showcases the climb, a 7B difficulty rating. No ropes, people.

Writing Rocks: The Story Behind Two of Today’s Biggest Climbing Writers

Rock climber, journalist and former editor of Climbing magazine Matt Samet didn’t expect to become a writer. He originally started out studying geology at UC Boulder, but eventually switched to journalism. After […]

Why Rock Climbing Should Not be an Olympic Sport

It was a cool, July morning in the farthest eastern location of the continental U.S. and my dog and I were trapped between a rising tide and a 100-foot granite […]

Chicago Climbs Rank, Not Mountains

Michaela Kiersch [18] stared up at the colorful holds towering over her at a 40-degree angle. Around her, kids moved with the agility of monkeys up and down the walls, […]

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Matt Samet: Fighting Drugs with Rocks

Rock climber Matt Samet, 41, former editor-in-chief of Climbing Magazine, didn’t plan on becoming a writer too. During a break from studying geology at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the early […]

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Risks and Rocks: The Mentality Behind Mountain Sports

Rock climber and former Climbing Magazine editor Matt Samet knows his sport is dangerous. Until last year, he was the only climber to have successfully scaled Primate, a 90-foot route on Seal Rock […]