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Markus Bendler Indoor Ice Climbing Training

Indoor Training for Ice Climbing with Markus Bendler

Ice climbing world champion Markus Bendler shows us what it takes to be the best. He walks us through his indoor training schedule. Folks, if you ever wanted to know […]

win your first ironman

8 Leadership Skills I Applied to Finishing My First Ironman

This is a guest post from Jarie Bolander, an engineer by training, entrepreneur by nature and leader by endurance. Jarie combines leadership and endurance athletics over on his blog, Leading from Within. […]

Insane Russian Balance Training

Insane Russian Balance Training

Introducing, one of the most fit and balanced people on the Internet superhighway. That is all. Seriously, who is this guy?

Dani Antrada Rockclimbing Training

Dani Andrada Rock Climbing Training

Ever wonder what it takes to be a top-notch, world-renowned rock climber? Dani Andrada gives us a glimpse with his indoor training schedule, surely one of the more grueling rock […]