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Winter Wakeskating In Bosnia

Wakeskating legend Brian Grubb recently made the long trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to wakeskate in the area’s harsh winter conditions. He headed for Studeni Potok, also known as Icy […]

wakeskating erie canal

Wakeskating the Erie Canal

Professional Wakeskater and Red Bull Athlete Brian Grubb Tackles Historic Waterway, Taking the Sport to New and Compelling Places What once served as a connector for the Atlantic Ocean to the […]


NIKE 6.0 Athletes Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Matt Manzari and Nick Taylor Go Wakeskating

A longer video than usual today on Nerve Rush, but it’s well worth it. Nike athletes Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Matt Manzari and Nick Taylor try out their wakeskates on […]

On the Loose Wakesurfing

On The Loose Wakeskating Trailer

Featuring Tommy Czeschin, Drew Danielo and friends, On The Loose showcases wakeskating, one of those fringe sports we at Nerve Rush HQ are big fans of. Beautifully shot, and seems like […]

NOISIA VISION Wakeskating Video

NOISIA VISION Wakeskating Film Teaser

Coming December 2011, this NOISIA VISION film teaser–a film about wakeskating–features Reed Hansen, Grant Roberts, Matt Manzari, Chris Kallas, Dieter Humpsch, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, Brandon Thomas and a few others. […]