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Attention, a Life in Extremes

In “Attention, a Life in Extremes,” three exceptional adrenaline athletes are featured: Gerhard Gulewicz, a long distance cyler; Guillaume Nery, a freediver and internationally renowned wingsuit flyer Halvor Angvik.

Beautiful Wingsuit Videography with Ludovic Woerth

Originally from Strasbourg, France, Ludovic Woerth is a wingsuit videographer. For five years, he taught himself how to skydive and then started BASE jumping. What a job.

Rio de Janeiro Urban Wingsuit Flying

An insanely low wingsuit flying line in one of the world’s most aesthetically beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro.

Dean Potter’s Ultimate BASE Jump

Dean Potter, adrenaline guru, leaps off the North Face of the Eiger in a wingsuit. No big deal.

Alexander Polli Wingsuit Flying

Alexander Polli, Wingsuit King

We’ve posted many BASE jumping and wingsuit flying clips here at Nerve Rush HQ, so it’s not often we’re taken aback like this. Alexander Polli, in this beautifully edited montage, […]

‘Jet Man’ Stunts Alongside Fighter Jets Over Alps

A whopping title, but a whopping video. Jetman Yves Rossy soars across the Swiss Alps, boasting is own tailor-made jet pack. Leaping from a helicopter and performing a series of […]

Insane Wing-Suit Flyby

The Ultimate Wing-Suit Flyby: Oppdrag Sognefjorden

My heart just exploded. Performed by Jokke Sommer and Tom Erik Heimen for a Norwegian TV show, Oppdrag Sognefjorden, this stunt is literally one of the nuttiest, most unbelievable feats of […]

3D Wingsuit Flying Video

Another Wingsuit Base Jumping Video (Norway | GoPro Bombsquad‬)

The GoPro Bombsquad takes to the Katthammaren Wall in Norway. Shot with the GoPro HD HERO, this 3d footage includes members Neil Amonson, Jesse Hall, and Marshall Miller.

Wingsuit BASE Jumping Proximity Flying WiSBASE

Insane WiSBASE / Wingsuit BASE Jumping / Proximity Flying

Having seen the majority of WiSBASE (wingsuit BASE jumping) and proximity flying clips out there, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most well done. Big shout […]

The Descent BASE jumping GDF100 Series

“The Descent” BASE Jumping Adventure Video

Shot in Lauterbrunnen and Kandersteg, Switzerland, “The Descent” is a beautiful movie that illustrates the delicate balance of man, nature and technology. Proximity flying at its finest, folks. This movie was […]