Titans Ultimate Outdoor Challenge

Date: March, 29th, 2014


Distance: 10 miles

Course Description: TITANS Race is a hardcore 10 miles (16.1 km) mud based obstacle course located in the geographic heart of Puerto Rico (Orocovis) in Toro Verde Adventure Park. The race is designed to challenge people across all fitness levels to test their all around body strength, and mental endurance. The course is built by “fitness freaks” with venue specific and terrain inspired obstacles designed to rip you from your fitness comfort zone and give you something to brag about. You can tackle it individually or as a team. TITANS Race is not about who finishes first but who finishes, that is why time taking will be offered as optional. Ultimately, our goal is to promote health and fitness; to share a common goal and above all, to have fun.

Contact: info@titansrace.com

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