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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is considered to be one of the most isolated capital cities in the world.  But it is also regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  As such, Perth has become a top tourist destination.  Tourist and locals have plenty of activities to choose from.  One has the option to choose from the relaxing to the extreme.  For those interested in all the adrenaline Perth has to offer, here is a list of activities you should try.

Jet Boating

Swan Jet Adventures offers a 25-minute jet boat ride on the Swan River.  Outside the speed restricted zone, the jet boat can go nearly 80km/h, with a mix of 360 degree spins, wild fish tail spins and power brake stops.  Passengers have to hold on tight as the jet boat releases 25 tonnes of water per minute.  The boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers in each ride.  Departing from Barrack St Jerry, it will take them along Kings Park and Old Swan Brewery.


There are a number of sailing adventures available in Perth.  If you’d like to try, you can choose to go on sailing expedition which would last for several days.  The Kimberley Sailing Expedition offer 10 days aboard a 65 ft yacht.  You can cruise by Talbot Bay to Koolan Island to Cape Leveque.  Another sailing option, if you’re looking for an evening activity, is twilight sailing in the Indian Ocean aboard  a 65 ft Ketch yacht.  However, if you’re interested in a whole day of sailing, you can opt for Carnac Island Sailing Experience where one can go swimming and snorkeling.

Tandem Skydiving

Those interested in skydiving ought to try tandem skydiving.  It is 100% safe and you will dive together with an instructor.  There is a tandem skydive available for 10,000 ft where they can freefall for 30 seconds.  For those people looking for the ultimate thrill, they can skydive from 14,000 ft plummeting toward the earth for 200 km/hr in a 1 minute freefall.  As the divers reach 5,000 feet above the ground, an instructor will pull the main parachute and the fall will slow down, giving the divers 5 minutes to enjoy the ride.

Aerobatic Flying

If you’re a person with a fascination of aircrafts, then maybe aerobatic flying is a fitting activity for you.  Try the 20 or 30 minute aerobatic flight in an Extra 300L race aircraft.  A pilot will take you to a designated aerobic airspace where the plane can go as fast as 410 km/h, climb at a rate of 3,200 feet per minute, and do a 360 degree roll per second.

adrenaline perth

Rally Driving

The driver can choose among an array of cars – from a Turbo Subaru to a Lancer Evo.   A briefing  is provided before you’re given a helmet and a car.  For each session,  you will drive 2 cars for 8 laps each in a 2 car Rally Blast.   After that, you will be seated in the co-driver’s place while a professional rally driver gives one high speed lap.


This challenge focuses on developing good abseiling techniques and safety.  First the instructor would give an overview to demonstrate roping techniques.   Then followed by a practical session.  Then you’ll proceed with the actual abseiling.  Under the guidance of an instructor, you’re going to move over rocks 50 meters high.

Water Rafting

Water rafting adventures provides nature lovers a chance to enjoy the river in a course consisting of 30 rapids over 8km.  The ride would go on for hours, and the rafters would have to work as a team to succeed.  Guides are there to give safety briefing to the group.

Flying Lessons

For those who want to experience how it feels to fly a fighter jet, then this activity is great for you.  Ex-military aircraft are used for higher performance.  The passenger will experience how it is to be a military pilot and each flight is customized depending on the passenger.

Mitchell Falls Exploration

Mitchell Falls is located 3 km from a camping area where you can enjoy the habitat.  The falls has tiered ledges and 80 meters high.  People can go to Mitchell Falls through a flight from Kununurra.

Hot Air Ballooning

Ballooning in Perth is seasonal because they do not operate during hot and windy weather.  During the cool months, balloon flights would take about 45 minutes or an hour.  Passengers will get to see the landscape with an aerial view.

Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Visitors would have the opportunity to interact with dolphin in their natural environment.  They are also allowed to join in feeding and snorkeling with the dolphins, or just watch as the dolphins swim to open sea.

Kite Boarding

The beaches in Perth are ideal locations for kiteboarding, especially the Leighton and Mullaloo Beaches.  There are several training schools that offer lessons for beginners.

Adrenaline Perth Companies:

Jet Boat Charter
Company: Gold Coast Jetboat
Phone #: 1300 793 759

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Company: Laser Ranger
Address: Laser Ranger, PO Box 3404. Joondalup. 6027
Phone #: 041 234 8686 or 041 518 6234

Company: Kart World Belmont
Address: 8 Cowcher Place, Belmont, Perth, Western Australia 6104
Phone #: (08) 9479 1200

Company: WASP Canning Vale and Wanneroo
Phone #: 0418 912 795

Quad Biking
Company: Perth Quad Bikes
Address: Unit 2/215 Railway Avenue, Kelmscott WA 6111
Phone #: (08) 9495 2100
Fax #: 08 9390 0959

Company: Air-Born Amusement
Phone #: 08 93994640

Microlight Flying
Address: York, Western Austalia 6302
Phone #: 0419942645


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