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GORUCK Cadre Official Promo Video

GORUCK employees dozens of cadre to lead special events and challenges around the globe. They’re all decorated combat veterans and have served in special operations. In this official promo video, […]

Sufferfest, Epic Cycling Training

The Sufferfest makes cycling videos like you’ve never seen before. Structured interval workouts mean you don’t even have to think. Incredible, hand-picked music that you actually love. Seems like a […]

A Day in the Life of a Triathlete

Want to know what it’s like to be a triathlete? I’ve never thought of triathlon racing as a sport. I always saw it as more of a lifestyle. This is […]

Ottawa’s Spartan Beast Promo Video

Here’s a short promo video for the Spartan Beast in Ottawa, Canada. Heard of the Spartan Race? This is much harder.

Surviving the Lunacy of Virginia’s Death Race

Tasks are designed to challenge both mind and body. Imagine a 200-yard climb under barbwire, followed by having to remove a tree stump from the ground, just so you can […]

Inside Triathlon Training

Ever want to know what it’s like to train for a triathlon? Shot on a GoPro, get inside the mind of a triathlete. This is what hard work looks like, […]

Adventure Racing the Nordisk Challenge

Watch this short video highlighting footage from the Nordisk Challenge in Denmark. I believe it’s now called the Nordisk Extrem Maraton.

Mid-America Xtreme (MAX) Adventure Racing Promo

In the 1970s, on the fringes of the running craze, people realized that a marathon just wasn’t enough. Ordinary people began to found entertainment in the wilderness, giving birth to […]

Adventure Race Documentary: Race the Rockies

A great look at the world of adventure racing. This is a short documentary about the sport of adventure racing, revolving around Race the Rockies. Race The Rockies is an […]

The World’s Craziest 5K: ROC Race

The Ridiculous Obstacle Race, or ROC Race, is deemed the craziest 5K on Earth. Boasting the world’s largest inflatable slide, the race is inspired by game shows and offers some […]