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9 of the World’s Most Extreme Jobs

For those who spend their days trapped in a cubicle, the idea of extreme jobs may be too far-fetched to understand, but for those who live for adventure, battling rough […]

Skiing in Dizin, Iran

Skiers take to the slopes in Iran. Check out Dizin, which is close to Iran’s capital of Tehran. Looks amazing! Because of the high altitude, the skiing season is much […]

Far From Home: Brolin Mawejje

Close friends of Ugandan Brolin Mawejje put together Far From Home, a documentary about Mawejje traveling from Uganda to the United States. Brolin defies all odds in pursuit of medical […]

Using a Boat as Base Camp in the Antarctic

During their Mission Antarctic Trip, Xavier de Le Rue and Lucas Debari called “The Golden Fleece” their base camp. “The Golden Fleece” is a boat and served as their confined […]

Paragliding and Speedskiing in the Belledonne Mountains

“Here in St. Hilaire du Touver, we fly,” says Antoine Boisselier. Watch Antoine and his buddies go paragliding, skiing and speed skiing in the Belledonne Mountains on difficult-to-access slopes.

Ski BASE with JT Holmes and Shane McConkey

“My name is Shane McConkey. I’m a professional skier. I also like the BASE jumping.” Watch this short clip of McConkey and professional free skier and friend JT Holmes merge […]

Skeleton: Pushing the Adrenaline Limit

People think Skeleton is the most dangerous of all the sliding sports, but it’s actually one of the safest. It’s like a waterslide, they say! Canadians are the winningest nation […]

Snowboarding in Lesotho, Africa

Snowboarders Scott Stevens, Nick Visconti, and Stevie Bell travel to Lesotho, a small country in southern Africa that has a ski area called Afriski. They put together this short travel […]

Iceland, a Skier’s Journey

In Iceland’s rough and remote Westfjords region, we step back in time to revisit a way of life that lasted 1000 years. Through sailboating, kayaking, and skiing, we explore what […]

Skeleton, a Head First View

Skeleton riders launch down ice tubes at speeds of more than 80 mph/130 kph…head first. This is what a skeleton run looks like from the rider’s point of view. Wow.