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Mikey Bruneau Takes You Through The Pipeline

This was surfer Mikey Bruneau’s submission to the GoPro of the World contest, showcasing a perfect day of surfing big pipelines in Hawaii

Chase Norton’s 228-Mile Solo Trek Across Death Valley

It’s ironic that, as a child, Chase Norton used to spend more time indoors, tinkering with his computer, than outside. These days, he prepares for adventures like a 228-mile solo […]

Hawaii Vacation

Surfing Vacation in Hawaii

Compared to the rest of our gut-wrenching inventory, this is one of the mellower clips we’ve featured at Nerve Rush HQ. That said, some gnarly cool riding from the guys […]

Ural Motorcycle Siberian Ice Run

7 Ridiculously Offbeat Adventures

1. The Hawaii Kite Crossing Originating in 1992 with the “Molokai Ocean Challenge”, which was a 15-mile ocean crossing between Maui and Molokai on a variety of water crafts, the […]

Cliff Jumping in Waimea

Cliff Jumping in Waimea

This is a little more lighthearted than most of the stuff we post here, but still, cliff jumping is pretty awesome. Pack in 20 of your closest friends, the fact […]