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Kiteboarders Get Massive Air In South Africa

Things got pretty epic recently at the 2015 Red Bull King Of The Air event in Big Bay, South Africa. The best kiteboarders in the world took to the skies […]

Youri Zoon Conquers Kiteboarding World Championship

Youri Zoon has been kiteboarding for more than ten years. His single goal as he dove deeper into the sport? A world championship title. Always fighting to add more power […]

Sam Light Kiteboarding in South Africa

Sam Light kiteboards in South Africa, both on the ocean and using a lake cable.

Kiteboarding in Cape Town with Youri Zoon

In the second chapter of FORWARD, professional kiteboarder Youri Zoon shows Cape Town’s youth how fun kiteboarding can be.

Kitesurfing Dominican Republic

Learning To Kitesurf In The Dominican Republic

This is a guest post by Mark Lettinga, who currently lives in the Dominican Republic. When you were a kid did you ever wish you could fly? Ever jump off […]

Ural Motorcycle Siberian Ice Run

7 Ridiculously Offbeat Adventures

1. The Hawaii Kite Crossing Originating in 1992 with the “Molokai Ocean Challenge”, which was a 15-mile ocean crossing between Maui and Molokai on a variety of water crafts, the […]

Tammy Camp Being Amazing

Tammy Camp, Kiteboarding World Record Holder

[youtube id=”q7MlxVrTpoU” width=”600″ height=”350″] Our inaugural interview! And boy, is it a good one. Tammy Camp, deemed the “Lara Croft of the Internet,” is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, angel investor […]