Tammy Camp, Kiteboarding World Record Holder

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Our inaugural interview! And boy, is it a good one.

Tammy Camp, deemed the “Lara Croft of the Internet,” is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, angel investor and private equity advisor based out of San Francisco. In addition to all of her business success, she also has a wide range of eclectic interests and is an avid kiteboarder, holding the world record for the most number of consecutive backloops in one minute.

Tammy Camp Being Amazing

I sat down with Tammy (or Tamikaze, as she’s known to her friends) to discuss her world record experience, her history with kiteboarding and how she used IndieGoGo to crowdfund her trip. Thanks again, Tammy!

Where to find Tammy Camp:
Website –> tammycamp.com
Facebook –> facebook.com/tammycamp
Twitter –> twitter.com/tammycamp

When she’s not busy closing big-time business deals or catching massive air out on the water, Tammy is busy polishing her acting chops in her new web series Bootstrap: an Office/30 Rock take on Silicon Valley.

Check it out and see yet another side of Tammy. Watch Bootstrap.

Oh, and how could we forget her World Record Video? Check out her record smashing experience on video and see why Nerve Rush absolutely loves Tammy Camp (is there anything she can’t do?).

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[photo courtesy of Tammy Camp]

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