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Ottawa’s Spartan Beast Promo Video

Here’s a short promo video for the Spartan Beast in Ottawa, Canada. Heard of the Spartan Race? This is much harder.

Surfing at Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania

This is a quick edit featuring Kelly Slater from April 12th, 2013 at Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania. Despite a broken foot, Slater crushes it.

Shaun White Snowboarding POV

Experience the Burton U.S. Open through the eyes of Shaun White. This is what it’s like to be the best, folks.

Chris Akrigg, Freestyle Biking Awesomeness

Chris Akrigg gives us five, a short freestyle and mountain biking video with a silly and awesome plot. Five riders. Five styles. Let’s go!

Surviving the Lunacy of Virginia’s Death Race

Tasks are designed to challenge both mind and body. Imagine a 200-yard climb under barbwire, followed by having to remove a tree stump from the ground, just so you can […]

Rock Skiing with Paul Solarek

On the plus side, at least you don’t have to wax your skis. I’m not sure about this whole falling thing though. I’d likely wrap myself in mattresses before attempting […]

Beautiful Climbing (and BASE Jumping) in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Don’t be fooled by the hypnotic Sigur Ros soundtrack, because this video of rock climbing and BASE jumping in Wadi Rum, Jordan is as intense as they come.

Meet Alana Blanchard, Professional Surfer & Model

In this episode of Alana: Surfer Girl’s second season, professional surfer and model Alana Blanchard takes us to Oahu, Hawaii, where she surfs Hawaii’s famous North Shore.

Skiing in Dizin, Iran

Skiers take to the slopes in Iran. Check out Dizin, which is close to Iran’s capital of Tehran. Looks amazing! Because of the high altitude, the skiing season is much […]

The Tallest Bicycle I’ve Ever Seen

Not sure where this comes from, but my favorite part is when the rider goes under the bridge. This whole video is amazing, in a very stressful way.