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Inside Triathlon Training

Ever want to know what it’s like to train for a triathlon? Shot on a GoPro, get inside the mind of a triathlete. This is what hard work looks like, […]

Meet Christian Rojek, Amazing Slackliner

Nice montage of Christian Rojek doing some slacklining. Look at those beautiful lines!

El Misti Volcano Climbing in Peru

Towering over the city of Arequipa, Peru, El Misti is a volcano that’s relatively easy to access. The trail is a basic switchback path, but as any good climber knows, […]

Tyler Bradt: 189-Foot Kayaking World Record

Suffering a mass hit and sprained wrist in the process, Tyler Bradt pushes the limits and sets the world record for the highest waterfall jump in a kayak at 189 […]

Far From Home: Brolin Mawejje

Close friends of Ugandan Brolin Mawejje put together Far From Home, a documentary about Mawejje traveling from Uganda to the United States. Brolin defies all odds in pursuit of medical […]

Eddy Merckx Point of View Cycling

Eddy Merckx, Belgian cyclist, is considered to be the best road cyclist in the history of the sport. In this POV clip, experience what it might be like to ride […]

Adventure Racing the Nordisk Challenge

Watch this short video highlighting footage from the Nordisk Challenge in Denmark. I believe it’s now called the Nordisk Extrem Maraton.

Beautiful Wingsuit Videography with Ludovic Woerth

Originally from Strasbourg, France, Ludovic Woerth is a wingsuit videographer. For five years, he taught himself how to skydive and then started BASE jumping. What a job.

Jimmy Chin Talks Yosemite Climbing

A lot of the greatest rock climbing feats have happened at Yosemite. It’s the epicenter of rock climbing, both historically and today. Listen to Jimmy Chin talk rock climbing and […]

Downriver Freestyle Kayaking with Taylor Robinson

From the Rider of the Year Awards, watch US. kayaker Taylor Robinson perform some epic downriver freestyle kayaking at Loggins in Yellow Creek, California.