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Kitesurfing Dominican Republic

Learning To Kitesurf In The Dominican Republic

This is a guest post by Mark Lettinga, who currently lives in the Dominican Republic. When you were a kid did you ever wish you could fly? Ever jump off […]

Ural Motorcycle Siberian Ice Run

7 Ridiculously Offbeat Adventures

1. The Hawaii Kite Crossing Originating in 1992 with the “Molokai Ocean Challenge”, which was a 15-mile ocean crossing between Maui and Molokai on a variety of water crafts, the […]


The Evolution of Kitesurfing

We at Nerve Rush HQ are big fans of Kitesurfing. Whether you're learning how to kitesurf or a kitesurfing world record holder, we think kitesurfing has a ton of adventure […]

Aaron Hadlow Mimic This Kitesurfing Video

Aaron Hadlow’s “Mimic This” Kitesurfing Video

Watch Aaron Hadlow showcase mad kiteboarding skills in a film he put together called “Mimic This,” shot on location in Brazil. Like many of the extreme athletes featured here on […]