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We are the premier source of information for extreme sports and adventure activities. We document endurance races, interview athletes and write about the world’s highest mountains. We produce useful (and downloadable) guides that help deconstruct the world of extreme sports. We also post some pretty rad videos.

Consider us a one-stop source of awesomeness. A place to browse the extremities of life. A repository of adrenaline, adventure and everything between. A place to dream, to learn, to find inspiration and to be awed.

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Our Team

alan-perlmanAlan Perlman | Chief Gut-Wrenching Officer

Alan traveled to 60+ countries as an international cost-of-living surveyor, hunting for the price of women’s underwear and iodized salt in countries like Turkmenistan and Angola. Back in New York, when he’s not running, biking or preparing for his next mountaineering adventure – Mt. McKinley, anyone? – Alan heads up an inbound marketing agency.

Fun fact: Alan can name all of the world’s 193 countries.

abigail-wiseAbigail Wise | Content Editor

Abigail Wise is a journalist, author and marketing specialist. Publications such as Reader’s Digest, NBCNews.com and PopSci.com have featured her work. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and specializes in digital content production. When she’s not living on the road or out of a tent, she’s practicing yoga or reading a good book.

Fun fact: Abby’s dog Ted has been with her on all kinds of adventures such as rock climbing, kayaking and backpacking part of the Appalachian Trail.

Alan Perlman

Chief Gut-Wrenching Officer at Nerve Rush
For three years, Alan traveled to 60+ countries as an international cost-of-living surveyor. Back in New York City, when he's not running, rock climbing or preparing for his next gut-wrenching adventure, Alan runs an inbound marketing agency, helping companies to generate more sales-ready leads from inbound marketing efforts.

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