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5 Best Scenic Drives in Los Angeles

You finally did it. You splurged and rented that Lamborghini for the weekend. It’s an ideal day. Warm, with a light breeze – perfect for a nice, scenic drive. You’re […]

7 Best Surf Spots in Los Angeles

You’re in Los Angeles. It’s where the surf scene as we know it today really took off. Known worldwide for its quick waves and great form, Los Angeles has so […]

8 Best Day Hikes Near Los Angeles

Stuck in that infamous Los Angeles traffic again? Tired of the grind? Is LA’s suburban sprawl starting to feel like a spider web? For every Los Angeles freeway, there is […]

5 Best Skate Parks in Los Angeles

It was in Santa Monica where skateboarding took off in the early 70s. Forty years later, it’s still going strong. Los Angeles has plenty of good spots. Where do you […]

4 Best Public Swimming Pools in Los Angeles

Southern California is hot. The people, AND the temperatures, of course. In the summer, the heat waves routinely breach 100 degrees. And sometimes you’re just not in the mood to […]

9 Best Beaches in Los Angeles

You’re in southern California. Ready to take advantage of the glorious climate, you reach for the sunscreen, your board shorts or bombshell bikini and hit the road. With hundreds of […]

Top 7 Mountain Biking Trails in Los Angeles

So you’re looking to bike in the City of Angels. You’ll probably just end up doing laps around the city, visiting all of the different parks. All pavement stuff, right? […]

Top 10 Rock Climbing Areas Near Los Angeles

Tired of the same routes at your local Los Angeles climbing gym? Let’s face it – hard plastic holds, though colorful, can only come so close to the real thing. […]