4 Best Public Swimming Pools in Los Angeles

Southern California is hot.

The people, AND the temperatures, of course.

In the summer, the heat waves routinely breach 100 degrees. And sometimes you’re just not in the mood to get sand in your shorts. Remember, it gets everywhere.

Fortunately, Los Angeles has some fantastic public swimming pools. Below are our four favorite.

1. Argue Swim Stadium

Originally built for the 1932 Olympics, this recently renovated center boasts 2 different pools. One is designated for laps ,and the other is for play. They also have various sports programs if you’re into water polo or competitive swimming. Plus, how often do you get to swim in an old Olympic stadium?

argue swim stadium best public pool

2. Annenberg Community Beach House

The Annenberg Community Beach House is located on the property of William Randolph Hearst’s former companion (and silent film star) Marion Davies. There is an adjacent play area for children. Ms Davies’ guesthouse has also been turned into a museum, and tours are given daily. It’s pretty swanky.

annenberg community beach house los angeles

3. Stoner Park Pool

Don’t forget your towel! This pool has something special that none of the others have – a tall, drizzling mushroom, a slide, and water-gushing tubes. Pretty gnarly if you ask us. Admission is free for children and only $2 for adults.

stoner park pool los angeles

4. Glassell Park Pool

A favorite with locals, Glassell Park Pool is fairly bare bones, with only a simple pool and locker room. That said, it also doesn’t get the crowds, so if you’re in a quieter kind of mood, this might be your jam.

glassell park pool los angeles

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