5 Best Skate Parks in Los Angeles

It was in Santa Monica where skateboarding took off in the early 70s.

Forty years later, it’s still going strong.

Los Angeles has plenty of good spots. Where do you go when there are so many options? Below are our five favorites.

1. Skatelab

It’s where the pros practice those tricks you’ll find playing video games, or during the X-Games. Skatelab has got every kind of box, vert, rail and stair you can think of. A 3-hour session will run you $10, but it’s well worth the amenities. Leave your Nylon or mesh shorts at home, and be sure to check out the accompanying museum. Skatelab is a great spot for beginners, as they offer introductory skateboarding lessons.

2. Venice Skatepark

Although Venice Skatepark only opened up in 2009, the surrounding area’s been a sort of skateboarding Mecca for years now. Everyone was thrilled when they unveiled a 16,000 square foot park with top of the line gear.

3. Santa Monica Skatepark (The Cove)

The birthplace of modern skating, Santa Monica Skatepark has seen the likes of the Dogtown crew, who spent their time here polishing tricks and style. With 20,000 square feet of legendary ramps, bowls and stairs, this is a must-see skateboarding destination.

4. Belvedere Skatepark

A damn fine place. It cost $1.1 million to build, and Tony Alva came to test it out himself on opening day. Also, free admission. Boom.

5. Culver City Skate Park

A cooperative effort by the city of Los Angeles and local skaters made this one possible. It’s got ledges, rails, stairs, and locals brag that Culver City Skate Park has the best pool to skate in Southern California. Also, free admission!

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