Action Sports in London

london action sportsWith tourist attractions like Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye, it is easy to spend weeks sightseeing in London. If you weren’t aware, London is also a popular hub for action sports.

There is great surf to be had in Cornwall and Devon. Even if it is a little bit chilly, the breaks are absolutely beautiful in either location. Cornwall has great sandy breaks for beginners but also harder reef breaks for the more experienced. Devon’s got a few beginner areas and the England’s best surf break on its coastline. If you’re one for diving under the ocean rather than surfing on top of it, then you should get into contact with the Argonauts Diving Club located in central Victoria.

Of course, if you’re not so much an ocean lover or a scuba diver, you can kayak on the River Thames, right through the city itself. This is one of the most gratifying ways to view the sights on the river’s shore and surely a fun daytime adventure. You get to see all the sights that everyone else sees, but with the added element of being on the water with a group of other kayakers (or by yourself for a more intimate experience). If you plan it right, you’ll see Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and the London Eye.

There are lots of land-based action sport activities to be enjoyed, too. If you are a skater, you should check out Cantalowes Skate Park. Lots of rails and stairs and fun bowls to be had there.

action sports in londonOr, take parkour classes with Parkour Generations and be well on your way to freerunning through the heart of the empire. You can be running, jumping and climbing your way through buildings that are hundreds of years old, experiencing the city literally “hands-on”.

Your extreme sports options continue. You can bungee jump at the London O2 Arena. If you are a climber, there are plenty of indoor rock climbing gyms in London. If you are searching for outdoor climbing experiences, then I recommend canyoning in North Wales. If you are into adventure racing, get networked with Questars. They organize most of the area’s meet-ups and races. If you are looking for skydiving, they have an indoor tunnel at Airkix. You can continually free fall for as long as you like with 12,000 horsepower’s worth of wind kicking up at you from below. As you can see, London’s extreme sports scene is a veritable cornucopia of options and there’s something there for everyone.

Top 10 Action Sport Activities in London

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing at The Castle Climbing Centre
  2. Skateboarding at Cantalowes Skate Park
  3. Indoor Skydiving at Airkix
  4. Adventure Racing with Questars
  5. Scuba Diving with The Argonauts
  6. Canyoning in North Wales
  7. Surfing at North Devon or Cornwall
  8. Bungee Jumping at London O2 Arena
  9. Parkour Classes with Parkour Generations
  10. Kayaking on the River Thames

photo credits: Miradortigre, vemma

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