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Extreme Bungy Jumping In New Zealand

This video features a ton of great videography and a variety of creative stunts incorporated into jumps from the highest bungy site in New Zealand. If this doesn’t get you […]

Using Night Vision in Extreme Sports

Note: this post comes from Jim Van over at Integrated Components, a company that sells night vision equipment to extreme athletes. If your favorite outdoor sport is not challenging enough, […]

Valery Rozov BASE Jumps From Mount Kilimanjaro

Legendary BASE jumper Valery Rozov recently completed his most recent wingsuit flight, and it may be the greatest one of his career. Rozov climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro and picked a […]

Incredible Wingsuit Flying In Switzerland

Walenstadt, Switzerland is one of the most well-known and beautiful BASE jumping locations in the world. Watch as wingsuit flier Brandon Mikesell goes for an incredible flight in the area.

Cedric Dumont Wingsuit Pyramids

The First Ever Wingsuit Flight Over The Pyramids

BASE athlete Cedric Dumont, one of the most accomplished wingsuit flyers in the world, has done it yet again. This time he’s completed an epic jump and flight over one […]

BASE Jump Front Flips

Epic BASE Jump: 9 Front Flips Off A Tower

Follow along as BASE jumpers Mark Broderick and JT Holmes take on a huge tower exit, with Broderick completing nine full front flips before deploying his parachute.

BASE Jumping Utah Fisher Towers

BASE Jumping At Utah’s Fisher Towers

Fighting strong winds, dizzying heights, and precarious landing scenarios, pro BASE jumpers Miles Daisher, Andy Lewis, and JT Holmes take to Utah’s famous Fisher Towers for a day of incredible […]

Joby Ogwyn BASE jumping

Becoming A BASE Jumper In 60 Days

Follow along as adventure sports legend Joby Ogwyn attempts to become a BASE jumper in just 60 days. This is a fascinating look into the hard work and dedication that […]

Illegal BASE Jumping Locations

6 BASE Jumpers To Watch In 2015

Get ready everyone, because 2015 is looking like it will be an especially exciting year in the world of BASE jumping, and the world’s most talented BASE athletes are preparing […]

BASE Jumping Locations

The 9 Best BASE Jumping Videos Of All Time

We’ve taken a long look around the web and located the best and most thrilling BASE jumping videos ever uploaded. From high budget, highly involved film projects to basic DIY […]