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The 9 Best BASE Jumping Videos Of All Time

We’ve taken a long look around the web and located the best and most thrilling BASE jumping videos ever uploaded. From high budget, highly involved film projects to basic DIY helmet cam footage, the videos below will give you all the BASE jumping inspiration you will need.

Record Jump From Burj Khalifa

This is incredible footage of a record setting jump completed by Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building.

Best of BASE

This ‘Best Of’ video features some of the best BASE jumpers in the world, including Jokke Sommer, Jeb Corliss, Espen Fadnes, and Alexander Polli, and includes jaw-dropping footage from locations all over the globe.

World Record Mt. Everest BASE Jump

This may be the most obvious choice for this list, and for good reason! Watch Valery Rozov complete his record-setting wingsuit BASE jump from the north face of Mt. Everest, as he leaps from 23,688 feet above sea level. It’s hard to imagine that Rozov’s record of highest BASE jump in history will be beaten any time soon, if ever.

Pure Joy On Baffin Island

Baffin Island is one of the wildest BASE jumping locations on earth. We love this video from Melissa Andrezjewski and Chris McNamara, showing their leaps from one of the island’s gigantic faces. No music, no frills, just pure adrenaline and gorgeous scenery. Listen for that emphatic celebration at the end… pure joy.

Become A BASE Jumper In 60 Days

Experienced adventurer Joby Ogwyn shares the process he went through over a sixty day period to become a BASE jumper. Fascinating stuff. Experience the process from the initial training to his first official jump.

10 Incredible BASE Jump Exits

This video covers some of the most daring and extreme BASE jumps ever captured on film, featuring locations in Chile, Turkey, Switzerland, Kuwait, Greece, and more, with jumps completed by many of the world’s most famous BASE athletes.

BASE Dreams U.S.A.

A great installment of Chris “Douggs” McDougall’s BASE Dreams series, featuring jump locations all across the United States and thrilling exits from the always entertaining BASE Dreams team.

My First 100 BASE Jumps

The sheer dedication needed to make a video like this is amazing. Christoph Dittmer provides a jump-by-jump storyline of his first 100 BASE jumps, hard landings and all (wait for 7:07 in the video, ouch).

Experience Freedom

And last but definitely not least, this video includes quite a bit of skydiving footage, so it’s not totally BASE, but that simply doesn’t matter once you take a look. The camera and editing work in this video is some of the most beautiful we’ve ever come across. It’s definitely goosebump-worthy stuff.

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