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6 BASE Jumpers To Watch In 2015

Get ready everyone, because 2015 is looking like it will be an especially exciting year in the world of BASE jumping, and the world’s most talented BASE athletes are preparing themselves for a seriously epic jump season. Here are six athletes to follow so you don’t miss a thing.

1) Cedric Dumont

Cedric Dumont is a full time member of the Red Bull team, and one of the most highly respected and experienced athletes in the BASE jumping community. With that said, Dumont’s talents extend much farther than his skills in the sky, as he is fluent in five languages, is an expert in sports psychology, and has a successful speaking career.

See Dumont in action:

Where to follow along:

Cedric Dumont Fan Page

2) Felix Baumgartner

This is a guy who does a little bit of everything, and he always does it in the most epic way possible. The most extreme example of this is when Baumgartner completed a record-shattering skydive from 21 miles above the earth in 2012 as the world watched in awe. It was during that legendary jump that he became the only human being in history to break the sound barrier without the help of vehicular power. Not to mention that he has set the world record for the highest BASE jump off a building not once, but twice.

See Baumgartner in action:

Where to follow along…

Website: Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Profile
Facebook: Felix Baumgartner Fan Page

3) Ellen Brennan

Ellen Brennan has completed over 600 BASE jumps, both wingsuit and slider down jumps, and is also an avid rock climber and paraglider. After finding that her passion was jumping and flying when she began jumping out of hot air balloons at age 18, Brennan pursued her favorite sports full time, and is now known as the fastest flying woman in the world after her amazing performance at the World BASE Race in Norway.

See Brennan in action:

Where to follow along:

Facebook: Ellen Brennan Fan Page
Twitter: @EllenLBrennan

4) Chris McDougall

For nearly two decades, Chris McDougall has been pushing himself to become among the elite BASE jumpers in the world, and he has certainly succeeded at that. Commonly referred to as “Douggs”, McDougall has completed over 2,600 BASE jumps in 38 countries, is an author, and also offers one of the most popular First Jump Courses in the world, in which he personally instructs new BASE jumpers.

See McDougall in action:

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Facebook: Chris McDougall Fan Page

5) Jokke Sommer

Jokke Sommer specializes in wingsuit flying, but like a lot of BASE jumpers he’s also involved in many other extreme sports, especially motocross. After finding a sudden passion for skydiving in 2007, Sommer quickly completed his required jumps and became licensed, then used that knowledge to transition into a BASE jumping career. Several years later, he has earned himself a well-deserved place among the world’s BASE jumping elite and continues to wow fans through his incredible talents in the air.

See Sommer in action:

Where to follow along…

Facebook: Jokke Sommer Fan Page

6) Clair Marie

Clair Marie established herself as one of the most talented women in BASE jumping very quickly after she began completing jumps, even at the young age of 16. She began rock climbing as a kid, and her love for outdoor extreme sports only grew from there. Marie is now a professional BASE jumper and skydiver, works as a stunt person in movies and on television, and has a successful modeling career.

See Marie in action:

Where to follow along…

Facebook: Clair Marie Fan Page
Twitter: @theBASEgirl

So there you have it. Follow these world class BASE athletes in 2015 and you’re sure to see a ton of exciting things happen. Here’s to a great 2015 in BASE jumping!

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