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2013 Patrouille Suisse (Swiss Airforce) Trailer

Who knew that the Swiss Airforce had their own promotional movie trailer? Pretty cool, folks.

Paragliding in Mozambique and Cape Verde

Special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese, as part of The Best Odyssey Expedition, go paragliding off the coast of Mozambique. They paraglide in an area where no one else […]

9 of the World’s Most Extreme Jobs

For those who spend their days trapped in a cubicle, the idea of extreme jobs may be too far-fetched to understand, but for those who live for adventure, battling rough […]

Beautiful Climbing (and BASE Jumping) in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Don’t be fooled by the hypnotic Sigur Ros soundtrack, because this video of rock climbing and BASE jumping in Wadi Rum, Jordan is as intense as they come.

Meet Christian Rojek, Amazing Slackliner

Nice montage of Christian Rojek doing some slacklining. Look at those beautiful lines!

Beautiful Wingsuit Videography with Ludovic Woerth

Originally from Strasbourg, France, Ludovic Woerth is a wingsuit videographer. For five years, he taught himself how to skydive and then started BASE jumping. What a job.

Ski BASE with JT Holmes and Shane McConkey

“My name is Shane McConkey. I’m a professional skier. I also like the BASE jumping.” Watch this short clip of McConkey and professional free skier and friend JT Holmes merge […]

Henry Jun Wah Lee: Alchemy

Alchemy is a short film (and Vimeo Staff Pick) by Henry Jun Wah Lee. Alchemy is about transformation – in nature, everything is constantly changing: the earth, the sky, the […]

Paraplegic’s First Solo Skydive

Christine Lawn, a paraplegic, completes her first solo skydive at New Zealand’s skydiving school near Pudding Hill. Paraplegic skydiving for the win!

Rio de Janeiro Urban Wingsuit Flying

An insanely low wingsuit flying line in one of the world’s most aesthetically beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro.