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Dean Potter Performs the First Ever BASEline

Today, extreme athlete Dean Potter posted a photo on his Instagram feed of the first ever BASEline. He balanced, with his arms spread, across thin webbing, suspended above a deep canyon. […]

Jeb Corliss, L'Impossible

Jeb Corliss, L’Impossible

“If you think something can’t be done. There you go…it can’t be done.” Jeb Corliss claims that he’s not superhuman, that he’s like everybody else. I’m not so sure I […]

Dean Potter’s Ultimate BASE Jump

Dean Potter, adrenaline guru, leaps off the North Face of the Eiger in a wingsuit. No big deal.

Mario Richard Dies in BASE Jump Accident

On Sunday August 18, Mario Richard, 47, was killed in a BASE jumping accident in the Dolomites of Italy. He left behind his wife, rock climber Steph Davis. The couple […]

BASE Jumping Tombstone in Moab, Utah

BASE jumping, from an amateur’s point of view. Can you imagine, you’re out there on a biking trip and stumble upon a group of BASE jumpers?



There’s something inside of us. Blind to the forces that restrict our potential, it gives us the gift of unlimited ability. Via the folks over at Live Unbound.

Free Climbing (and BASE Jumping) in Moab

A Perfect Circle, from a four-person team out of Moab, Utah. Free climbing is a wild sport, involving a keen ability to maintain a state of flow.

INFINITYLIST Productions 2012 Showreel

INFINITYLIST Productions 2012 Showreel

In 2012, the INFINITYLIST Productions crew was busy. This short clip showcases some of their best footage.

INFINITYLIST Productions’ Experience Freedom

The mission of this film, according to INFINITYLIST Productions, is to “open the doors for other athletes and filmmakers and provide opportunities for greater exposure.” Way to set the bar […]

Limitations are Optional, Folks

Limitations are Optional, from the fine minds of the folks over at We Live Unbound.