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Tony Hawk Mini Ramp

Tony Hawk & Friends Skate A Mini Ramp Inside A House

A friend of Tony Hawk’s built a mini ramp inside his San Francisco loft. Awesome enough as is, but then he decided to throw a party and invite Tony and […]

Skateboard Snowboard Combination

The First Pro-Tested Combination Skateboard/Snowboard

Lithe, a skateboard company in California, uses composite materials to create some truly innovative products. One of them is the first pro-tested combination skateboard/snowboard, and you have to see it. […]

City Downhill World Tour 2015

What To Expect From The 2015 City Downhill World Tour

Coming off the momentum of an epic 2014 tour, the City Downhill World Tour has shared a teaser trailer for what’s ahead in 2015. Some amazing footage here, and from […]

Curved Wall Ride

Could This Be The Best BMX Wall Ride Ever?

BMX pros Luc Legrand and Erik Elstran recently took to the streets of Belgrade for a day of riding, and they may have ended up completing the best BMX wall […]

Stevie Smith & Brendan Fairclough: Trigger Happy

Utilizing an incredible network of cameras set up along every inch of trail, as well as a few on-the-move cameras (check out the remote control car!), pro mountain bikers Stevie […]

Imaginate Danny MacAskill

Imaginate With Danny MacAskill

Watch Danny MacAskill’s imagination run wild in this amazing video, as he creates an environment where he can showcase his riding skills, adjust his surroundings to his liking, and innovate […]

Janne Saario Documentary

Second Nature: The Janne Saario Documentary

Janne Saario is a member of the Element team and an up-and-coming landscape architect. This great 20 minute documentary will give you an interesting glimpse into Saario’s goals, thoughts on […]

Kilian Martin India

Kilian Martin: India Within

You’re sure to enjoy this beautifully shot, fascinating skateboarding video featuring the impeccable skills of Kilian Martin, all set to a backdrop of some of India’s most stunning locations.

extreme athletes around the world

30 of the World’s Most Extreme Athletes

There is a major difference between an athlete and an extreme athlete. Athletes simply push their minds and bodies to great lengths for sport, for fun, or perhaps to maintain […]

Meet the Hendo Hoverboard. Whoa Momma.

In one of Silicon Valley’s most remarkable (and eagerly anticipated) feats of innovation, a small but passionate team has resolved the issues surrounding hover technology by using magnetic field architecture […]