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Eek. Motorcycle Crashes Into Bicycle!

It’s a common crash on this turn of the famous Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles. Yikes! Both cyclists are OK.

How to Plan a Micro-Adventure on Your Bike

Last week, my friends Andy Owens and Richard Cammett (accompanied by the lovely Abby Smith — and our two dogs Willow and Ted — in the car) rode bikes from […]

National Geographic: Mountain Movers Trailer

Has anyone watched Mountain Movers on the National Geographic channel? Might be a cool behind-the-scenes look at the kind of work that goes into making terrain parks on big mountains.

Behind the Scenes: ‘Mad’ Mike Conquers New Zealand’s Crown

A behind the scenes look at Mike Whiddett drifting New Zealand’s epic road, the Crown Range.

Tour de France in Corsica

In the 2013 Tour de France, three stages passed through the beautiful French island of Corsica, something that had never happened before.

Attention, a Life in Extremes

In “Attention, a Life in Extremes,” three exceptional adrenaline athletes are featured: Gerhard Gulewicz, a long distance cyler; Guillaume Nery, a freediver and internationally renowned wingsuit flyer Halvor Angvik.

Meet Janne Saario, Skateboarder (and Landscape Architect)

Janne Saario started skateboarding when he was six years old. He’s from Finland and also a budding landscape architect. In this 20-minute documentary, learn more about Janne and his relationship […]

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10 Most Bizarre Extreme Sports

While most people would be completely satisfied with the thrill of surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding, serious adrenaline junkies have been coming up with new and bizarre ways to get that […]

McLaren P1 Extreme Testing on Ice

The McLaren P1 has been marketed as ‘the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.’ Or in this case, on a frozen lake.

airv8 Aerial Photography Brilliance

airv8 specializes in close-range aerial photography. They use remote-controlled mulitcopters to capture their footage, and boy what an awesome point-of-view it is. In thier 2013 showreel, check out their capabilities.