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5 Best Day Hikes Near Denver

Colorado, also known as the Rocky Mountain state, gets its nickname because it encompasses a large portion of the Rocky Mountains. The diverse landscape of mountains, plains, front range and […]

5 Best Mountain Biking Trails Near Las Vegas

When thinking of Las Vegas, mountain biking is probably not the first thing to come to mind. However, because of all the sweeping desert landscape and varied terrain, Las Vegas […]

5 Apps No Adventurer Should Be Without

In August, I loaded up my car with climbing gear, hiking boots, my new tent, my old, beat-up sleeping bag, my recently shaved dog and everything in between. We spent […]

The 7 Most Gut-Wrenching Politicians

Here at Nerve Rush HQ, election season is in full swing. Paying homage to the world of politics, we compiled a list of history’s most gut-wrenching political figures. Here are […]

7 Adventure Sites that Will Get your Heart Pumping

Dear Nerve Rush Reader:¬†You can’t get enough. You read the blog. You subscribe to our email. You follow us on Twitter. You like us on Facebook. You circle us on […]