7 Adventure Sites that Will Get your Heart Pumping

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Dear Nerve Rush Reader: You can’t get enough.

You read the blog. You subscribe to our email. You follow us on Twitter. You like us on Facebook. You circle us on Google. You pin us on Pinterest (okay, maybe not that last one), but you want more.

While we try our best around here to be the ONE and only place you’ll ever need for your gut-wrenching adventure fix, we know that we’re just one of the many places where you can quench your adrenaline thirst. We firmly believe in friendly competition and are big fans of a few other sites around the web that impress and inspire us to keep adventuring. It’s just plain selfish for us to keep them to ourselves, so we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you to help you stay adventurous.

The Adventurists – TheAdventurists.com

The Adventurists are an incredible group of people. Whether their facilitating a horse race across Mongolia, a 1500km adventure through Siberia, or a 3-wheeled motorbike adventure across Peru, they’re up to some amazing things. Focused on doing things throughout the world, they come up with some of the most ridiculous adventures in the world and raise massive buckets of cash for charities in the process. In their words, “We figure since we are rather fond of adventuring in the world we should do our bit to look after it.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out the adventurists and start adventuring all over the world.

–> Visit the Adventurists

The Adrenalist – TheAdrenalist.com

The Adrenalist has Bear Grylls’s face all over it, so you know it has to be pretty good. Sponsored by Degree for Men, The Adrenalist features adventure, speed, extreme sports and gadgets for the adventure seeker. There’s a ton of video content here, there’s bound to be something up your alley. Whether or not you’re a fan of Degree, you gotta love Bear and the hardcore adrenaline-focused videos, so it’s definitely worth your time to check it out.

–> Visit the Adrenalist

Infinity List – InfinityList.com

No, it’s not quite the Impossible List but the Infinity List provides daily updates for the best cinematic sports videos around. Very similar to what we offer up around here, the Inifinity List is beautifully laid out and has some exclusive content that blows our mind. If you check it out, it’s very easy to get lost in the content and spend hours upon hours drooling at the incredible stunts and extreme sports that make you want to get off your computer, climb a high building and base jump off of it. The infinity list will give you just that, an infinity list of incredible activities to put on your bucket list. Check it.

–> Visit the Infinity List

Pure Outside – PureOutside.com

Created by Nerve Rush friend and reader Ross Cullicut, Pure Outside is all about helping the human-powered adventures out there get out to the cool places they want to see and help save the places they love. Featuring trails, websites, films and adventures, Ross has lined up a bunch of great outdoor activities to help you experience the human powered adventures all available thanks to the pure outside.

–> Visit Pure Outside

Epic Thrills – EpicThrills.com

EpicThrills is an exclusive club of travelers with an insatiable thirst for new life experiences.  Focused on travel adventures, Epic Thrills provides outlets for your inner adventures.Whether its running with the bulls in Spain, laying in a hammock in the Amazon, or jumping out a helicopter in Alaska, Epic Thrills aims to make adventures more accessible and affordable so you can see everything the world and the many adventures it has to offer.

–> Visit Epic Thrills

Reddit Adrenaline Porn – Reddit.com/r/AdrenalinePorn/

Something a little different for our last site is Reddit’s Adrenaline Porn sub-reddit. Not really as much of a website as it is a forum, it’s constantly changing . While sometimes hard to dig through for the very best content, Adrenaline Porn has all sorts of content that’s updated by the hour. If you need to feed your addiction, Adrenaline Porn is definitely something you need to pay attention to.

–> Visit Reddit Adrenaline Porn

Who Would You Add To This List?

Did we miss anyone? Who would you add to the list? Who runs your favorite site? There’s always more room for adventure and adrenaline. Let us know in the comments!

Joel Runyon


  1. Matt Gibson says:

    I also run an adventure blog that does pretty well at http://www.matt-gibson.org. I feature gear reviews, destination guides, and original videos, stories, and photography. Last year included the Vancouver Riots, ice caving and iceberg swimming, whitewater rafting, out of season snowboarding, and hiking in the Philippines ancient Banaue Rice Terraces. Coming soon: swimming with whale, reef, and thresher sharks in the Philippines, chasing pygmy elephants in Borneo, and a series on how to stay in shape while on the road.

  2. Ryan Chase says:

    Thank you for this. I have been working on my own adventure website and this was really helpful to find some example websites to look at and figure what sort of things have worked for others. Thank you for the great article and happy adventures.

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