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9 of the World’s Most Extreme Jobs

For those who spend their days trapped in a cubicle, the idea of extreme jobs may be too far-fetched to understand, but for those who live for adventure, battling rough […]

Beautiful Wingsuit Videography with Ludovic Woerth

Originally from Strasbourg, France, Ludovic Woerth is a wingsuit videographer. For five years, he taught himself how to skydive and then started BASE jumping. What a job.

Paraplegic’s First Solo Skydive

Christine Lawn, a paraplegic, completes her first solo skydive at New Zealand’s skydiving school near Pudding Hill. Paraplegic skydiving for the win!

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Felix Baumgartner 22-Mile Supersonic World Record Stratos Skydive

Folks, skydiving history will soon be made. Felix Baumgartner, Austrian aviation specialist, plans to leap out of a space capsule from an altitude of 120,000 feet, rocketing his way at […]

Greg Gasson Skydives Without a Parachute

Some people get a rush by skydiving. For those where skydiving isn’t enough, there’s basejumping. For those where that’s not enough, there’s skylining. For those where that isn’t enough, there’s […]

The Best Place to Skydive on Every Continent

Skydiving is a prominent thing to do on most people’s bucket lists. It frequents itself at the top of the list so often that some say skydiving has lost its […]

Experiencing Human Flight Melbourne

Experiencing Human Flight in Melbourne

Part 1 of a surreal look at what extreme skydiving is all about–floating effortlessly at the upward limits of our Earthly atmosphere. Shot in February 2011, watch world champions Fred […]