Greg Gasson Skydives Without a Parachute

Some people get a rush by skydiving. For those where skydiving isn’t enough, there’s basejumping. For those where that’s not enough, there’s skylining. For those where that isn’t enough, there’s

skydiving without a parachute. Say what? Yes, skydiving without a parachute. We’re all for adrenaline rushes, but this is as crazy at is sounds. There really aren’t words to describe this, so just go ahead and watch.

Joel Runyon

Joel runs IMPOSSIBLE, where he challenges the impossible and helps people do the same. When he's not doing the impossible, he stays busy working on startups, marketing, starting blogs, planning adventures and somehow balancing his love of the paleo diet while nursing his incredibly unhealthy addiction to Red Bull. Follow him on Twitter or Google+

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  1. I think it’s even crazier that he was doing the bit at the end. He separates from the open chute, it sure won’t catch up to him.

    You ever see Travis Pastrana do this?

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