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windchasers 70 mile himalaya nepal ultramarathon

Inside a 70-Mile Himalayan Stage Race

I recently corresponded with Priya Darshini, Race Director and CEO of the WindChasers 70-Mile Himalayan Stage Race. What’s the history behind WindChasers? The WindChasers started out as a fun run […]

atacama desert joe mauko ultrarunning

NR002: Joe Mauko, 70 Lbs Overweight to Ultrarunner

Welcome to the Nerve Rush podcast, episode 2. In this episode, we chat with Joe Mauko. Joe reached out to me a few months ago, and he wrote: Alan, I am doing four […]

ultramarathon in new york city

Ode to a Serendipitous Ultramarathon in NYC

It was in the late afternoon of a Thursday in June when I picked up my phone. “Alan, are we going to do this? We’ve been talking about it for so […]

win your first ironman

8 Leadership Skills I Applied to Finishing My First Ironman

This is a guest post from Jarie Bolander, an engineer by training, entrepreneur by nature and leader by endurance. Jarie combines leadership and endurance athletics over on his blog, Leading from Within. […]