Top 5 Day Hikes Near Seattle

Although Seattle is most commonly known for its overcast weather and grunge music scene, people tend to forget the fact that it is located in a part of the U.S. that boasts an abundance of thickly wooded regions and rainforest-like sceneries. This northwestern city is filled with hidden gems that make for the perfect playgrounds for outdoors enthusiasts.

So throw on your hiking boots and let’s check it out:

1. Anti-Aircraft Peak

This scenic peak initially served as a government location for building anti-aircraft structures, hence the name. At an elevation of 1525 ft, the Anti-Aircraft Peak offers mesmerizing views of the sprawling mountains and surrounding bodies of water. Anti-Aircraft Peak’s dog-friendly trails make for an adventurous day-hiking trip with several lakes and diverse wildlife to explore!

seattle day hike anti-aircraft peak

2. Snow Lake

Snow Lake is considered one of Washington State’s busiest trails. Surrounded by granite rocks and forestry, it is home to mountain goats, deer and a variety of small critters. In addition to the diverse wildlife, the local flora takes off in the warmer months with wildflowers during the summer and huckleberries in the early fall months. All in all, the popularity of this trail is well deserved. Interested in checking out Snow Lake without hitting the crowds? Try going midweek!

3. Rattlesnake Ledge

This trail is great for hikers of all levels.  With only four miles round-trip and an elevation gain of 1200 ft, it still manages to provide an outstanding view.  From the ledge you can look down onto multiple lakes with the Cascade Range as your backdrop. Rattle Snake ledge’s relatively short hiking distance and small elevation change make it perfect for that impulsive afternoon hike.

best day hike in seattle rattlesnake ledge

4. Lake Annette

A must for anyone visiting or living in Seattle. After you’ve trekked 1900 ft up the side of a mountain, you will be rewarded with this view (see below) of a mountaintop lake. The trail is also shaded most of the way by surrounding trees so it’s perfect for hiking on a hot day.

seattle day hikes lake annette

5. Little Si

Although it is smaller than its similarly named counterpart, this trail feels more adventurous than a regular day hike. It offers a sampling of a wide-variety of trails through 1200 feet of dense forest and offers a unique view down into the Snoqualmie River Valley.

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