4 Best Places for Parkour Classes in London

As parkour and freerunning become increasingly popular, more and more facilities dedicated to this extreme sport continue to pop up around the UK. London is home to the famous 3Run parkour team as well as some great parkour and freerunning gyms if you’re interested in taking a few courses yourself.

1. SingleBound

Formed in 2003, SingleBound quickly became one of the most active parkour groups in London. SingleBound offers classes in professional parkour, martial arts and freerunning for all age groups. The coaches here are also the official parkour and freerunning teachers and consultants for the Leeds City Council, The Leeds Metropolitan University Parkour Society and other organizations.

2. The Chainstore Parkour Academy

Located in East London, the Chainstore is the UK’s first parkour and freerunning facility. They offer space for people to come in and practice on their own or take classes with the coaches onsite. The center features the UK’s only indoor parkour specific training zone which is designed to mimic an outdoor urban atmosphere with metal, concrete and wood surfaces and structures. Additionally there is a functional strength and fitness gym, a dance/activity zone, as well as an observation deck for watching all the awesome talent!

3. 3Run Evolution Academy

3Run parkour and freerunning academy offers classes 6 days a week led by the world famous 3Run team in their all-purpose parkour and freerunning gym. Classes include parkour, freerunning, late night rave training, street fitness and drop in sessions.

4. Paramount Parkour Academy

This newer gym was built in 2013 and is located in Milton Keynes, just minutes away from the train. The Paramount Parkour Academy is a membership based club that caters to all levels of ability. Classes offer a combination of soft and hard environments with the option to join a summer camp there as well!

4 places to take parkour classes in london paramount academy

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